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Doug Thompson – Reflexologist

What is reflexology?

Person's handFoot and Hand reflexology is based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all body parts.

The physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques, (performed without oils, lotions or creams) results in stress reduction causing a physiological change in the body.

What is a treatment like?

Both patient and reflexologist must be positioned comfortably to ensure maximum relaxation. Usually, a reclining position is preferred by the patient. A reflexologist will usually work on the bare feet, but if this is not possible, the treatment can be given on the hands.

Beginning with the right foot, all reflex points on both feet are always stimulated as the body is considered to be a whole unit, the pressure applied varying with each person.

Treatments usually last from 35-45 minutes. For babies, the aged or the extremely ill, pressure used and length of treatment is decreased, while the frequency of treatments is increased.

History of reflexology

When mankind went barefoot, walking on sand or uneven ground was a partial reflexology treatment.

India, China. Egypt. etc., practiced reflexology thousands of years ago.

When we put on shoes we lost direct contact with the earth and were no longer grounded to it. We lost the natural exchange between the body’s electrical currents and those of the earth.

In 1913 reflexology was brought to the Western world. Dr. Wm. Fitzgerald, an M.D. in Connecticut, was using “Zone Therapy” to deaden pain in some parts of the body.

Edwin Bowers, M.D., of New York, and George Starr White, M.D. used reflexology but the medical world did not accept it then.

Nervous people pace back and forth; wring their hands: rub hands together; bite their nails and some even handle worry beads and/or rocks. Unknowingly they are relieving tensions by working the reflexes.

Dis-ease is created by stress. Stress is removed with reflexology, thereby aiding optimal health.

Ready to Get Started?

Reflexologist Doug Thompson is available for appointments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Please call (905) 723-7060 to make an appointment.


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